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If you are like many investors, you may be asking, "How will I save enough to provide for my children's education and my retirement?" You may be concerned about the effects of the volatile investment environment. Over the last two decades, the real estate and dot-com bubbles took away many of the expected long-term gains and slowed down the savings plans of many people significantly. It took many years without forward progress just to recoup these losses, especially when inflation is considered. These results may have prompted you to question whether your retirement plans are sound. You may have questioned the validity of the conventional Wall Street wisdom and the advice you have received. Perhaps you can benefit from an investment advisor that looks at things differently, one that focuses on making investments work for you.

You may want to consider:

An advisor that manages your assets specifically for you.

You should be treated as an individual with individual needs. Your assets should be continuously supervised with you in mind, directly for your needs, strategy and financial plan.

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An advisor who is willing and able to change your portfolio allocation, considering your needs alone as economic conditions or your personal considerations require.

Economic and personal conditions change all the time. Your portfolio should remain flexible and be adjusted to reflect the level of economic risk as well as changes to your own personal conditions and risk tolerance.

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An advisor who practices a core philosophy of risk management to guard against bear market losses.

The MarketAwareSM  approach is designed to reduce your equity market exposure during high-risk periods and to increase it when risk is lower and gains are more likely. This tactical asset allocation strategy seeks to make adjustments to keep your actual level of risk near your personal risk target, rather than ignoring economic and market realities like the ubiquitous Buy-and-Hold methodology does. Investment risk does matter. It is not how much you earn that counts, it is how much you keep out of what you earn.

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A portfolio manager, who is also a Certified Financial PlannerTM professional, can provide you with advice to improve your overall financial success, as well as personally manage your stocks, bonds and variable annuities.

Your most important financial result is the ability to meet your life goals. Investment products can be important means to reach those goals, but are best considered only to be a secondary part of your overall strategy. Planning for major events like retirement requires consideration of what future resources will be needed, the time frame, and possible risks as well as investment returns. A portfolio manager, who is also a Certified Financial PlannerTM professional, can help you design an individual strategy to accomplish your broader financial goals, while integrating and executing your investment approach as well.

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An advisor that is free to bring new financial advances to bear for your advantage.

Changes in tax laws and investment products enable you to take advantage of new strategies and have made older strategies outmoded. 401(k) and 403(b) defined contribution plans have changed retirement planning. Dramatic reductions in brokerage fees, no-load mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds enable you to take a more adaptive approach. Changes in tax laws that favor capital gains and equity dividends provide you with new income strategies. As an independent advisor, LFM&P is free to take advantage of the opportunities as they apply to and benefit each client’s plans.

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An advisor where the firm’s principals work directly with you.

You can have the best of two worlds. You can receive direct advice and portfolio management without going through commissioned sales representatives or impersonal telephone support. You gain the advantage of an independent firm where the principals provide personal advice, while also benefiting from the resources and back office operations of an established broker and custodian. We suggest Shareholder Services Group or Interactive Brokers be used, because they are cost-effective and support our strategies, but since we are not affiliated with any firm, you can even choose your own broker for MarketAwareSM Investment Advice if you wish.


An Advisor that acts as a fiduciary on behalf of its clients.

As a NAPFA Registered Financial Advisor, Certified Financial PlannerTM, Registered Investment Advisor Representative and fiduciary, David Linnard has pledged to place your interests before his and those of the company. Because you only pay an advisory fee that is completely disclosed, you are protected from the conflicts of interest that arise when products are sold or commissions and incentives are accepted. Additionally, your assets are held and independently reported to you by a third-party broker / custodian of your choice.

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