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Linnard Financial Management & Planning, Inc.

Fee-Only Financial Planning and Investment Advisor

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Investment Management

Often people are too busy with their daily lives to spend the time necessary to learn and manage investments. Others are simply not interested in digging into the details of the investment process. But they also recognize the importance of investing to provide income today or to save for their future. and As a result, they may follow generic conventional advice, buy a few mutual funds, and hold on in fear and disbelief when markets experience their occasional declines.

LFM&P can help. We provide continuous portfolio management and supervision, relieving people from the day-today task and stress of "watching their investments", while also providing active risk management, which seeks to both take advantage of available market opportunities and protect against the occasional major collapse that can set back investment goals by years and decimate retirement plans.

Investment Management Clients

LFM&P Investment Management clients are individuals, families and trusts. LFM&P manages taxable brokerage accounts, IRAs and the underlying sub-accounts of variable annuities*. Our clients choose LFM&P, because they appreciate working with an advisor who personally advises and manages their accounts and portfolios for them as individuals, rather than as a large impersonal investment pool. For some clients, our risk-management focus and MarketAwareSM strategy is important. Others appreciate the integrated application of investment advice and management with comprehensive financial planning services. Still others value a fee-only, fiduciary advisor who works transparently on their behalf, without exposure to conflicts from selling products or receiving additional compensation from vendors.

Management Process

LFM&P's investment management process provides portfolio management based upon our MarketAwareSM principles. We concur with the observation that the amount that an investment might earn is not as important as how much is kept. Our strategy is designed to increase opportunity for gain when market risk is low and reduce exposure when risk is high. Portfolio risk limits are set based upon a client's comfort level and current market risk conditions. Our rules-based approach determines which investments to purchase or sell within the defined risk limit. LFM&P evaluates and selects investments for portfolios from the universe of low-cost Exchange Traded Funds. We never recommend exotic investments or illiquid private placements.



*Employer-based plans like 401(k)s and 403(b)s, some other variable annuities, and when the clients want to participate directly in investment decisions, may be best served by LFM&P's Investment Advice relationship.