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Three Maps


Snapshot Or Movie

A comprehensive financial plan is an analysis based upon a snapshot of current conditions and foreseeable future events. But life is a continuing drama, dynamic and always changing. Over time your goals will change as your stage in life changes. Tax laws change every few years. Investment conditions also change frequently. A comprehensive financial plan will provide you with an important future vision and recommendations for near-term financial improvements. Ongoing planning keeps your financial map up-to-date and tracks your progress, helping you to make the essential mid-course corrections to adjust for changing conditions.

Optimizing The Planning Process

The way to benefit most from the planning process is to update your comprehensive plan and benchmark your progress periodically. How often you do this depends on your individual situation. For many people, every year or two is not too often, as new life or economic conditions occur.

Another, and perhaps better, approach is to engage LFM&P on an ongoing basis after developing an initial comprehensive financial plan. We discuss changes to your financial condition periodically and update your planning issues as required, so that you can make sure your direction and progress are always clear. In addition, you can receive financial advice and a second opinion whenever decisions arise throughout the year, potentially saving significant expense, for no more cost than an annual comprehensive plan.