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Linnard Financial Management & Planning, Inc.

Fee-Only Financial Planning and Investment Advisor

DJIA 1990's


An advisor who practices a core philosophy of risk management to guard against bear market losses

LFM&P: The MarketAwareSM  approach is designed to reduce your equity market exposure during high-risk periods and to increase it when risk is lower and gains are more likely. This tactical asset allocation strategy seeks make adjustments to keep your actual level of risk near your personal risk target, rather than ignoring economic and market realities like the ubiquitous Buy-and-Hold methodology. Investment risk does matter. It is not how much you earn that counts, it is how much you keep out of what you earn.

Common Industry Practice: Your portfolio retains a constant asset allocation regardless of the economic climate. The selected asset allocation adjusts the portfolio’s basic risk level, but the portfolio manager makes little attempt to reduce your risk exposure in difficult market conditions. Instead, you are advised to hang in there and "stay the course", being reminded that the market has always recovered in the past.