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A Map To Your Future

In many cases, it is difficult for people to comprehend how to successfully deal with all their immediate financial questions and their near-term responsibilities, let alone chart a course to accomplish their long-term goals. Beginning to prepare for these challenges early, and maintaining consistent attention over time, facilitates long-term success. As the days pass, what was once the distant future becomes today’s reality. Those who remain unprepared have long since missed taking advantage of important opportunities. The key to successfully moving forward today is to break this seemingly incomprehensible and unmanageable problem down into smaller, understandable pieces, and then lay the pieces back out in a path that can be followed and is expected to yield the best result.

LFM&P’s Process and Deliverables

LFM&P’s comprehensive financial planning process begins with understanding your vision of your future and your current financial environment. We consider your income, your lifestyle, your assets, and your responsibilities. In the comprehensive planning process, we build a model or “blueprint” that maps out the projected results of the best actions you can take. We take into account your concerns and the changes that you expect to occur in your life. We try to foresee risks that could derail your plan. We look for opportunities for you to optimize your financial structure by considering ways to improve investment returns and to reduce risk, as well as identifying potential tax issues. We provide you with a written report that shows your projected results, comments on specific important issues, and details a timeline for taking recommended actions. We consider the following financial areas: